Lưỡi cưa Sinewave

Lưỡi cưa Sinewave
Lưỡi cưa Sinewave
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Simonds’ application engineered SineWave® technology enhances cutting ability, reducing work time and increasing blade life.      SineWave® technology features a value-added broaching action by utilizing ramps on the back edge of the blade.  This technology      exerts more force into the cut without having to increase machine pressure.  SineWave® offers special ramp customization capabilities that optimize the cutting performance for specific alloy cross      sections.  Ride the Wave! 

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SineWave’s rocking motion ensures better tooth penetration for faster cutting rates while allowing the blade to cut with less pressure, extending blade life. 
 SineWave Advantages

• Cuts work hardened materials 30% to 40% faster

• Can double blade life • Makes cutting rate more consistent 
 How Do I Order SineWave?

• Determine maximum cross-section dimension of all materials cut

• Select the aggressiveness of the cutting action – light, moderate or aggressive


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